6 things to know about breast pumps

If you’re looking for a good breast pump to feed your baby, you can go for Avent breast pump that offers a wide range of breast pumps and baby products to help all the mothers in feeding their baby properly.

There are several benefits of using a breast pump as many working or busy mothers prefer using a breast pump to pump and store all the breast milk to feed their child during meal times.

Many parents do baby shopping online which also enables them to know about different products and their use. Such is also the case with the breast pumps as they come in different types such as manual or electric breast pumps to allow the mothers to breathe in a relaxing environment.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 6 things to know about breast pumps to help the mothers know more about their use and significance.

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1. Different types of Breast Pumps

While choosing the best breast pump, it’s always good to learn about their use so the mothers could easily differentiate between the types and buy the one which is perfect for them and their baby. A breast pump such as single, double, and manual or electric could help moms to breastfeed their child exclusively.

2. Use of Breast Pumps

The use of breast pumps could vary from mothers to mothers as they all have infants and children under different age groups that require an adequate supply of breastmilk to maintain their health and grow quickly.

3. Hospital-Grade Breast Pump

These types of pumps are used by mothers whose babies are in NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) and are commonly used in hospitals to feed the baby. If maintained properly, they could be used by multiple mothers to pump breast milk safely.

4. Second-hand pumps

Buying second-hand pumps could be dangerous as they can lead to different bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it’s better to avoid using used pumps and buy a new one for your baby.

5. Storing milk

It takes almost 15-20 minutes for a mother to pump their milk per session. Storing the milk in the refrigerator could help the mothers and the other family members to feed the baby efficiently during their meal times. This also provides comfort to the mothers who lead a busy lifestyle and have to go to work every single day. The family members can easily use the stored milk to feed the child when the mother isn’t around.